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Training camp: Day 2 – Tactics and fitness

In Mallorca, the 1. FC Köln players are currently in a training camp as preparation for the upcoming Rückrunde games. The training camp updates follow FC on the Balearic Island.

Day 2: Tactics and fitness

+++ 7:43am: Activation +++

The first item on FC’s agenda took place before breakfast. The second day of training camp began with a session of activation in the morning. The fitness coaches, Max Weuthen and Dennis Morschel headed up the session and got the bodies of the FC players warmed up. It took place in the conference room of the hotel, with yoga mats and foam rollers ready and waiting. After half an hour or so, the first session was ticked off and the players were able to enjoy breakfast.

+++ 8:47am: Kessler and Bader sit out +++

The FC players enjoyed a buffet with omelettes, muesli and so for breakfast. After all the other players had left the room, Thomas Kessler and Matthias Bader arrived for their breakfast. The two FC players had a dose of the cold and eat separately, in order to insure that the risk of it spreading in the squad was minimised. They also sat out the first session of the day.

+++ 10:04am: Fitness and tactics +++

The FC team bus left the hotel and was headed for RCD Mallorca’s training ground. In the subsequent training session, the three groups worked alternatively between tactical and fitness stations. Before things officially got underway, Rafael Czichos decided to have a go in goal and was even able to save a shot from Louis Schaub. It was a fresh start to the morning, especially given the dark clouds in the distance.

+++ 11:18am: Bartels goes outfield +++

That theme of unusual roles continued, as Jan-Christoph Bartels ended up playing outfield. The FC goalkeeper headed out of the box and into the small pitch for a series of uncontested tackles. Markus Anfang encouraged his troops from the sidelines, as Benno Schmitz continued to train individually on the pitch opposite.

+++ 11:29am: First session is finished +++

Jhon Cordoba, Frederik Sörensen and Simon Terodde all packed up the training gear, with the cones, medicine balls and kettle bells no longer needed. Before they headed onto the main pitch in the afternoon, it was time for lunch.

+++ 1:18pm: Interview time +++

After lunch, the majority of FC players headed back to their rooms. However, for Dominick Drexler, Simon Terodde, Jonas Hector and Louis Schaub, there were interviews on the cards. In the hotel, they answered questions from the journalists who had travelled to Mallorca. Armin Veh and Markus Anfang also had appointments with the media.

+++ 2:45pm: Team meeting +++

In Mallorca, the focus wasn’t just on the pitch but also off it. The coaching team gave a 15 minute speech to the players. Then the team headed to the bus for the second session of the day. For Matthias Bader, he had to remain behind due to his cold and was instead on the exercise bike. “I’m already feeling somewhat better,” said the FC defender.

+++ 2:59pm: Sobiech forced out of training +++

During the morning, seven faced seven and a goalkeeper were put through their paces. In the afternoon, it was time for 11 against 11. Lasse Sobiech was forced to stop during the session due to muscular problems and made his way back to the hotel as a precautionary measure.

+++ 4:46pm: Anfang jogs +++

The second session of the day has been completed. It’s time for the evening off for the FC players. Markus Anfang, however, went for a jog around the pitch with the fitness coaches.

+++ 5:51pm: Dinner in the hotel +++

The complete FC troop is back in Castillo Hotel Son Vida. After having dinner together, the players head off to their rooms to relax and enjoy the evening.

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