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FC in Benidorm

Training camp Ticker: Day 1 – Arrival in Spain

1. FC Köln are currently in Benidorm as preparation for the Rückrunde. Here are all the important bits from the first day, as FC made their way to Spain.

7:45am: Good morning, Geißbockheim!

It’s a dark, dull and chilly start to the day at Geißbockheim but the FC players are in good spirits. The players are heading for a team meeting before the Winter training camp in Benidorm.

8:01am: Meré remains at home

As the driver closes the door, it’s time to make the short journey to the airport. Leon Schneider (U21), Sava Cestic (U19) and Tim Lemperle (U19) are on the bus, while Jorge Meré is not on board. The Spanish defender is ill. Rafael Czichos is, however, fit enough to fly.

8:24am: Airport arrival

The journey from Geißbockheim to Köln-Bonn Flughafen is one that the players are used to, and this morning is no different. With no traffic on Saturday morning, it’s just over a 20-minute drive to check-in.

8:46am: Airside at last

The players are checked in, security is over and done with. FC are into departures and grab a coffee and something to read before the flight. Now, it’s time to wait and relax.

9:21am: Wehrle and Wolf join up

Managing director, Alexander Wehrle and President, Dr. Werner Wolf are also part of the FC team travelling to Valencia by plane.

9:53am: “This is a passenger announcement for Mr. Thomas Kessler...”

As the team go through boarding , Dominick Drexler asks the staff to relay a message to Kess as he waits in line - the FC stalwart is not far behind, however.

10:20am: Into the clouds

FC are in the air. FR178 is headed for Valencia. The players have their own way to spend the two-or-so hours in the plane. Dominick Drexler and Rafael Czichos are heading up the Nintendo Switch group, with Kingsley Ehizibue and Anthony Modeste taking time to watch films and shows. For the majority, it was a chance to catch up on some sleep before landing.

12:16pm: Touchdown in Valencia.

After a peaceful and quick flight, FC are on the tarmac ahead of schedule. It’s a pleasant 15°C and much warmer than in Köln - it's time to collect the luggage and head for the bus.

12:52pm: Reunited with Bussi

FC bus driver, Michael Liebetrut is ready and waiting at the airport to help load all the baggage for the drive to Benidorm. He has been in Spain ahead of time to get ready for the team’s arrival.

2:36pm: Home for the week

After around 90 minutes in the bus, FC arrived at the hotel in Benidorm. There wasn’t much time to relax, as activation was scheduled in for 4:00pm. The players were able to have something quick to eat, as they geared up for training.

4:00pm: Activation station

Activation was led by Max Weuthen and Dennis Morschel, as they both prepared the players for training. Given that the team had spent two hours in the plane and another hour-and-a-half in the bus, it was important for the players to be properly ready for an intense session.

4:30pm: Intense session

While the FC players didn’t face off in a traditional game, there was no lack of effort to be seen from any of the team. After the usual warm-up and passing exercises, the players split up into two sides on the pitch with four small goals and the goal of completing passes through each. Plenty of tackles and short, smooth passing was on show. Thomas Kessler and Mark Uth both completed part of the session in line with their recovery programmes.

6:00pm: Done and dusted

After training and a 20-minute run to finish things off, a long day for the FC players came to an end. The team headed back to the hotel for a well-deserved break, with dinner to come later on.

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131. FSV Mainz 0537
141. FC Köln36
15FC Augsburg36