New Ticket Portal on Matchdays

Service and Safety for FC Fans

There are times when you are all set to attend a match and something comes up last minute, forcing you to give up your beloved FC ticket. In the past, a last-minute change in plans often meant your ticket went to waste, while those fans who wanted to attend the match couldn’t get their hands on a ticket. Say good bye to those days because the FC Ticket Portal ensures that tickets can legally trade hands up until the last minutes before kick-off. 

The laws in the city of Cologne state that tickets cannot be sold on the streets. Those who are caught in the act of doing so will be reported to the Ordnungsamt (Public Order Office)

1. FC Köln offers the FC Matchday Portal in the southwest corner of the stadium on matchdays. Those of you looking to get rid of spare tickets can bring them to the ticket booth with the number 28 from two hours before kick-off. While the tickets are evaluated for authenticity, you will have to fill out a form with personal data. The tickets will then be re-sold by FC employees at the original ticket price at booth 25. You will receive a notification if the ticket have been sold, and we will return the cost of the ticket for you (minus a processing fee of 15%).

Note: The re-selling of tickets can only be done for individual tickets printed on paper and should only be used in last-minute situations.

Up until one day before the match, tickets can be placed in the Online-Tauschbörse as before.

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