Football School

The 1. FC Köln Football School opened in 2013, and gives children the opportunity to train in close proximity to the FC professionals at a young age. It is designed to develop the youth as complete footballers and students.

The 1. FC Köln Football School Heinz Flohe is open for all football crazy kids and young people, whether boy or girl, whether beginner or in a team. Under professional conditions and under the guidance of licenced and experienced youth coaches, the youngsters will play alongside the RheinEnergieSTADION. Fun and passion are what it's all about at the Football School. Along with the focus on football qualities, like dribbling, passing and shooting, the kids will be able to show their skills in small-sided games and tournaments.

Fun in a qualified setting

FAQs about the Football School

Are places within the camp free?
How can I pay for the camp?
When will the money go out of my account of the camp?
What information should I include in the form?
Which age groups are allowed to take part?
When do I get confirmation of my booking?
Can I book a spot over the phone?
Can I ask for more kits and equipment?
Is there a discount for siblings?

Matchday Camps

Are the children mascots?
When do the children meet before the game?
How do I receive the photos from the Matchday Camp?

Holiday Camps

When does training start?
Does the child or an adult need to be a member in order to receive a discount?
Is the food in the camp free from pork and is there a vegetarian option?
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